Greed Allows You Not To Let Go! As If You Have A Bonding or Anchoring Effect Which Is

Causing You To Hold On To Unwanted Junk Material - Events - Or Emotions That Restain You From Making Success In Your Life.

Greed Can Also Have The Reverse Effect If Not Care Full.

Greed Can Lead To A World Holding On To Much.

Always Wanting More - No Matter What The Results Or End. Which Could Lead To Losing Friends, Family And Success.

Think Of It this Way Greed If Not Controlled Can Be Like An Addiction, A Drug Which Controls Your Life .

Just close your eyes and imagine yourself in higher position in your company. Making More Money Or Enjoying that new car. Or the Love you Desire and Deserve. It can all be obtained for what your mind imagines can and Will come true!

If you never see yourself Succeeding you never will.

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