"Playing it Safe"

At this point you are asking yourself what is Playing it Safe?

And how this can keep me from having Success in my Life.

How many times have you thought to yourself, I wished I had done that...

Or you know of Someone who day in and day out goes to work in the same job.... But who is not happy.

They do it because it is the safe thing to do!

Never gaining any true feelings of knowing what life can bring to them in Happiness, Wealth and Success.

Look Around the next time you go to work watch the people around you.

Listen to them they all have the same story I wish I had done this or that. Or they say something like "One day I will" But they never do".

Again they are Playing it Safe.

Because one day has Come and Gone, They are older and still waiting.

Now time has run out!

They are not listening to themselves, or people around them. "They Are Playing it Safe"

Are you Playing It Safe?

Not taking advantage of opportunities that come your way setting there "Playing it Safe". Not setting a path to Happiness, Success or a better Life. Is this you?

Just close your eyes and imagine yourself in higher position in your company. Making More Money Or Enjoying that new car. Or the Love you Desire and Deserve. It can all be obtained for what your mind imagines can and Will come true!

If you never see yourself Succeeding you never will.

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