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Welcome To NC Hypnosis Dedicated to Providing Quick, Effective, Sports Performance Hypnosis.
Our Mission is to Empower You With The Tools, Knowledge & Success for your Sport Performance.

We have Created Information to Assist you in a Life Altering Changes. Thru The Use Of Hypnosis In Developing Tools To Create Positive & Effective Self Image...

Our Sessions will Allow you to understand "The Secrets" To Wealth, Better Health, and Unlimited Goals. Stop Smoking, Weight Management, Sports Performance Personal Growth plus much more.

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Sports Hypnosis

Through the years hypnosis has been used in a number of ways in athletic performance.  In particular, it has been used to reduce generalized anxiety.  Excessive anxiety lowers efficiency and may impair performance, but hypnosis, especially learning self-hypnosis skills, gives the individual a self-management tool.    
.  Today hypnosis training is widely utilized with Olympic athletes and a wide variety of professional athletes.

 1. Enhance sensory awareness and muscle control.

2. Increase concentration, control internal dialogue, and decrease awareness of unimportant external stimuli.

3. Control anxiety, anger, and emotionality.

4. Enhance motivation and enthusiasm.

5. Increase energy, feelings of invigoration, and endurance.

6. Enhance performance skill.

7. Increase self-esteem, confidence, and self-efficacy

8. Control perception of time and focus on the present experience (time contraction or expansion).

9. Resolution of unconscious blocks or conflicts.

Learn hypnotic techniques that will allow us to accomplish the goals. The value of hypnosis in enhancing sport performance has been the subject of considerable debate over the years.  Athletes, or performers of any type for that matter, are constantly seeking techniques that will help their performances.  It is now understood that hypnosis can be of great value if it is correctly utilized in sports.  Hypnosis is recognized as one possible tool for aiding the athlete to achieve his/her full potential.

Just close your eyes and imagine yourself in winning that game of golf or running faster. It can all be obtained for what your mind imagines can and Will come true!

If you never see yourself Succeeding you never will.

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