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Recently, Hypnosis has turned out to be a very popular technique for weight loss. It can be carried out by a hypnotist or can be self-induced by using of self-suggestion. It is a safe and great weight loss alternative when all other methods failed. It must be used along with the healthy lifestyle plan and exercise for weight loss. Hypnosis is an old age technique in which your wrong eating habits (that cause weight gain) as well as your exercising routines are re-programmed positively for an effective weight loss by accessing your subconscious mind. Some people have wrong impression that hypnosis is sort of magic in which they will be under the control of the hypnotist and never come out of it.


Many studies are done to find out the effects of hypnosis for weight loss. According to the study carried out by The American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH), the group of women using hypnosis for weight loss lost around 17 pounds and the group not using hypnosis lost about 5 pounds only. In a meta-analysis, when results of multiple studies done for finding the effects of hypnosis for weight loss treatment are compared, it showed that using hypnosis method increased the weight loss by around 97% during treatment and raised the effectiveness post treatment by more than 146%. Thus, this comparison showed that this method works better over the time.

How Hypnosis Works?

During a hypnosis session, the individual is made to relax and sit/lie down comfortably until a trance or a sleep state is achieved (but still awake). In this relaxation state, the hypnotist accesses the individual’s subconscious mind and gives positive suggestions such as empowering him/her to do exercise, introducing with good eating habits and other positive suggestions for weight loss so that the patient achieves his weight loss goals effortlessely.

As the subconscious mind is re-programmed, the individual will have a positive view over his/her eating habits and healthy lifestyle. The individual will begin to consume more healthier foods as well as exercise on regular basis. This will become his/her habit and as a result the individual will lose his/her extra weight. To achieve the weight loss goals through hypnosis, you must find a good hypnotherapist and have determination to respond to hypnotherapist suggestions.

Hypnosis is known to work well on accelerate learning, quit smoking, relieve stress, cure insomnia, improve sleep, boost your self-esteem, let go of anxiety/fears, etc.

You can also try self-hypnosis to achieve your weight loss goals. Self hypnosis can be done by lying down/ sitting in a meditating position in peaceful place. Close your eyes and focus in the darkness. Take a deep breathe and focus on that, beginning from the feet. Relax all your body parts and start hypnotizing or instructing yourself regarding your weight loss goals.

Pros of Hypnosis Method for Weight Loss

  • Easy, safe and cost-effective method
  • No need of expensive equipments
  • Works well when other weight loss methods failed
  • Does not require costly drugs, surgeries and major lifestyle changes
  • Changes the way we think by positive suggestions on a subconscious level

Weight Management Hypnosis can help you Management weight safely, easily.

The healthiest way to Manage weight is not the quickest way to lose weight. Crash diets and new, trendy weight loss plans or sudden and drastic increases in exercise are not recommended and most doctors consider such an approach to weight Management to be dangerous. Exercise is highly recommended as part of a weight loss plan combined with a healthy diet but changes must all be gradual ensuring that you find a very natural way to lose weight.

Hypnosis can help with weight Loss and weight management in many ways:

  • Developing a new self-image. See yourself in the future after losing weight and make that your desired future outcome.

  • Learn to be more relaxed about weight loss and weight management. Stress is often a serious factor in bad diet and comfort eating.

  • Positive thinking about weight and diet. Stop worrying about your weight and about weight loss and start looking forward to losing weight and achieving your goals.

Overcoming unconscious goals that prevent you from losing weight and from keeping weight off after a successful diet. You know that eating too much is not what you desire and you know that exercise and sensible diet are important. However, these are not conscious, logical issues. Successful weight loss is as much about re-educating your unconscious mind as it is about dieting. Hypnosis is one of the most natural ways to lose weight.


Reasons why people are over weight

1. Being bored
2. Your Parents told you to over eat as child. example: you better eat everything on your plate. Remember that?
3. Stress
4. People eat as a Defensive Mode
5. Addiction -  Addiction  to Chocolate, Food , Carbs, so they eat to feel good.

Hypnosis  Helps you with these issues!


Losing Weight with hypnosis is the one of the most popular requested Sessions  here at North Carolina

Hypnosis that People of the Charlotte Metro Area of North Carolina deal with.

The reason most people fail at dieting or exercise is because they use the word Try!

Term Try means:  To make an attempt to do or make: assay, attempt, endeavor, essay, seek, strive.


But Most people it means a Half Hearted effort or attemp to Fail is more like it!

Never Try anything " Always do your Best"

Because if you do your best then no one has the right to Complain.

However, people fail to realize that willpower is a product of the conscious mind. The conscious mind likes to think that it's in control, when really our subconscious mind with all of our past experiences is what is really driving our behavior.

That's why will power doesn't work

Once you  remove the negative conditioning of your environment or your past by using weight loss hypnosis.

You simply walk the open path! :)

Weight Management Hypnosis makes it natural and automatic for you to choose healthy behaviors and eating!

Dieting and exercise alone is too simplistic a plan. When you use weight Management hypnosis, I teach you how to listen to your emotions so that you learn to control your emotions, rather than your emotions controlling you by turning to food, etc.

In addition to the weight Management hypnosis, you will learn self-hypnosis so that you can continue to reinforce continued success for your Goals .

Weight Management hypnosis is simply the best way to manage weight to keep it off for good, simply and easily.

Weight Management Hypnosis Changes Lives, But Only With The Right Hypnotist...

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