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Are you in the Charlotte, Lake Norman area? Are you looking for a hypnotist to help you quit smoking, to stop smoking?


Imagine feeling so free, happy and confident now that you have quit smoking.


Break the old habit of smoking and replace it with healthy habits.





Help you deal with and alleviate stress from your life




Find that ability to stop smoking today inside of you with Hypnosis at nc














Reasons why people are Smoke
1. Being bored

2. Watching Your Parents as a child. Or trying To Be Cool Like a TV Star.. Remember that?

3. Stress

4. Addiction - Addiction so they eat to feel good.




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How to Stop Smoking Using Hypnosis


Hypnosis is a positive way to stop smoking


Why does everyone talk about hypnosis as the main tool to stop smoking and how does that affect you?


Stopping smoking could much easier than you think.


Stop smoking hypnosis -


A stop smoking consultation with a hypnotist will generally involve gathering information into your personal reasons for wanting to quit smoking.


The stopping smoking session or sessions will include hypnotherapy techniques, positive affirmations and suggestions. At the end you will be given Taught Self Hypnosis so that you can continue to reinforce the suggestions in your own time.


Hypnosis session for stopping smoking and will be minimal compared to the financial and health costs incurred during a lifetime of smoking.


Quitting smoking should not be difficult or unpleasant. Granted nicotine is a difficult substance to go without when giving up smoking, but after a few days it is out of your system and most smokers agree that quitting smoking for a few days is difficult but very achievable.


So that's it! A tricky few days and then a lifetime of freedom. So why hasn't it been that easy previously? Simple - you didn't deal with the psychological addiction of smoking. In fact, you probably put cigarettes up on some kind of a pedestal.


If you think that stopping smoking is depriving you of something, then it is just a matter of time until you start again. Hypnotherapy is ideal for this. Using hypnosis, you can deal with all of the emotional and psychological aspects of giving up smoking.


Hypnotherapy has enjoyed a high success rate with smoking cessation and stopping smoking is one of the most common reasons why people consult hypnotherapists. When quitting smoking, it best not to dwell on negative aspects such as ill health, but instead to aim for positive outcomes such as good health, fitness, freedom and energy.


Stopping smoking - What can you do?


Would you like to know how to stop smoking in a positive and easy way?


How about starting right now by making a list of all of the benefits you will enjoy as a non-smoker? Imagine yourself in the future, say six months time from now.


How good is it going to be when someone offers you a cigarette and you find yourself saying 'no thanks'? Perhaps you can imagine how proud you are going to feel and how positive you will be about yourself.


Hypnosis is not the mind control technique that is often represented on TV and in the media. In fact, you cannot make people do anything using hypnosis. Quite the opposite, if someone doesn't want to stop smoking, they will be even more definite about that in hypnosis!


Perhaps you're not quite sure if you are ready to quit smoking but you'd like to consider the possibility.


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Hypnosis is the best way to stop smoking in NC!


Research director for The National Council for Hypnotherapy, Josephine Teague recently posted the following piece of research evidence.






Research on the effectiveness of hypnosis for quitting smoking Around in the1940s, smoking was considered harmless, but highly toxic and at least 43 of which cause cancer. Smoking causes more deaths every year than fires, auto crashes, AIDS, alcohol, cocaine, heroin, murders, and suicides all together.The primary ingredient in cigarettes is tobacco, which is heavily trea laboratory and clinical research has now confirmed that cigarette smoke is hazardus to health. Smoke from the average cigarette contains around 4000 chemicals, some of that are ted with chemicals and preservatives. According to the site in our category, cigarette smoke contains over 3,000 chemicals, including:









~ Acetone (nail polish remover)

~ Hydrogen cyanide (rat poison)

~ Nicotine (cockroach killer)

~ Hydrazine (rocket fuel)

~ Formaldehyde (embalming fluid)




Cigarette smoking is the major cause of lung cancer. Approximately 85 to 90 percent of

lung cancer patients are smokers, and most of the remainder are exposed to secondhand




non smokers lung Smokers lung


The lungs on the left are the lungs of an 80 year old non-smoker, the ones on the right are of a smoker with emphysema.















Cigarettes are Poisonous.


This is not the drone of someone trying to tell you what to do with your life, it is a fact. Just because they are sold in stores doesn't mean they're ok. And sure, they make you look bad when you smoke them, because it is bad to smoke them. Bad like a rotten, moldy sandwich in the bottom of the refrigerator, or like oven cleaner on your Frosted Flakes. The only ones who are really bad are the corporation executives in their yachts, laughing at you while you get cancer, and make them rich.


Here is a partial list of the chemicals in Commercially manufactured cigarettes. The first part are chemicals known to cause cancer, called carcinogens.

Here are chemicals in secondhand smoke

Dimethylnitrosamine Ethylmethylnitrosamine Nitrosopyrrolidine Hydrazine Vinyl Chloride Urethane

Formaldehyde Other Toxic Agents: Carbon Monoxide Hydrogen Cyanide Acrolein Acetadehyde Nitrogen oxides Ammonia

Pyridine Nitric acid Mathylamine Hydrogen cyanide Indole 3-hydroxypyridine 3-vinylpyridine Acetone Acetonitrile

Acrolein 1,3-Butadiene, mg Nitrous acid isoquioline Isoamylamine 3-Cyanopyridine


This is only a partial list. They put these chemicals in cigarettes to reduce tar while maintaining the level of nicotine necessary to keep them addictive. Keeping the tar down helps to calm people's fears about health risks. Since the companies are free of any supervision they are not compelled to reveal the chemicals they use. But recent breaks in the wall of secrecy have revealed that cigarettes are only about 40% tobacco, and 60% other junk.


(From: E. L. Wynder, M.D., and D. Hoffman, Ph.D., Tobacco and Health, The New England Journal of Medicine, April 19, 1979)


A new book by Richard Kluger called Ashes to Ashes: America's Hundred-year cigarette war, the public health, and the unabashed triumph of Philip Morris details dramatically how the cigarette industry consciously controls and strengthens the nicotine levels in cigarettes.


Kluger also shows that the industry knowingly focuses advertising on 10 to 16 year olds; knowing that that age group is the most easily hooked. He presents recent scientific evidence that adolescents are the most susceptible to nicotine.


He shows how their financial clout has bought them immunity from the laws binding the rest of society.


Secondhand Smoke


Smokers scorn nonsmokers' disgust for cigarette smoke, saying they're just "jumping on the bandwagon," or being PC, or being fussy wimps.


Here's the point: Cigarette fumes contain harmful chemicals.


That is why being trapped in cigarette smoke is not like being trapped in a portable toilet. It's not the smell, it's the instantaneous physical, somatic reactions. It's like the difference between the air in a barnyard and the air in an unventilated garage with an idling diesel bus. The first is merely unpleasant, the second is poisonous. The physical reaction (sweaty palms, nausea, headache) all warn of danger, and urge whoever to get into some fresh air immediately.


In days of old canaries were kept in coal mines, because if there was coal gas in the air, the canaries would die more quickly than the miners, alerting them to the danger. Coal gas and cigarette smoke are both unescapable when they permeate the local air.


And it didn't take government studies to come to this conclusion. Non-smokers have always sensed it, but had no corraborating evidence, until now. Here's the latest information from the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (I hear you groaning, Rush)




Component (Known or probable carcinogens) Polonium-210






1,3 butadiene






















How much more is in sidestream smoke 1 to 4 times


2.5 to 3.5 times


3 times


3 to 6 times


5 to 10 times


6 to 30 times


7.2 times


13 to 30 times


20 to 100 times


30 times


30 times


31 times


up to 40 times




A New York research team reported in 1993 that it had measured the metabolic products of a tobacco carcinogen, NNK, in the urine of nonsmokers exposed to the conditions of a very smoky bar. The measurements were 10 times as high as those taken before the volunteers were exposed to smoke.



Smoking is so Glamorous Ladies This Could Be You!


Cigarettes have engendered a culture of panhandlers and litterers. "Bumming a cigarette" is a new thing that began after WWII, when cigarettes first became ubiquitous. And it's obvious that smokers consider the world their personal ashtray, when you see butts everywhere on the ground where they gather.


Kids often say they take up smoking because they think it makes them look "mature" or older. Cigarettes don't just make a person look older, they make a person look old. Smokers age more quickly, and if you like the idea of looking 60 when you're 40, then smoke away. If you're 16, you'll be 40 before you know it, and if you smoke, you'll look 60 (if you're not dead from cigarette chemicals first...)


After You Quit Smoking - The First Two Days


Benefits -


Quit smoking benefits begin within minutes of the last cigarette.


At 20 minutes after quitting:


blood pressure decreases


pulse rate drops


body temperature of hands and feet increases.






At 8 hours:


carbon monoxide level in blood drops to normal


oxygen level in blood increases to normal






At 24 hours: chance of a heart attack decreases






At 48 hours:


nerve endings start regrowing


ability to smell and taste improve






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By using Hypnosis to assist you in seeing your goals and reaching them!




Ron Carter Hypnotist Serving Charlotte, Huntersville lake Norman area North Carolina To find the most effective method to stop smoking Frank Schmidt and research student Chockalingham Viswesvaran from the university of Iowa used a meta-analysis, utilising the results of more than 600 studies totalling nearly 72,000 people.

The results, which were published in the Journal of Applied Psychology and included 48 studies of hypnosis covering 6000 smokers, clearly showed that hypnosis, to use the same terminology as the quit counsellor, was three times more effective than NRT.


References - Elliot Wald, Tami J Eggelston PhD & Fredrick Gibbson PhD, "Cognitive reactions to smoking relapse", New Scientist, vol 136, pp6.

Posted from Josephine Teague, Research Director on 07/09/2002










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